About Michael James Grant

Photo by Rey Rey’s Photography

Michael James Grant is a fiction writer who was born in Ft. Fairfield, Maine. His parents owned and ran a large farm up until the start of the 70’s when Grant’s family moved to southern Maine.  He spent his youth on the white powdered sands of Ogunquit Beach, and in later years graduated from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst in 1988.

Grant’s passion for writing fiction started at a young age when he wrote and illustrated a children’s book, The Tails of Two Dragons, in 7th grade. The Tails of Two Dragons never made it to the New York Times bestseller list, nor did it make it out of Wells Junior High School, but what it did do was spark a desire in Grant to transform his stories to written words.

In 1999, Grant started out on a two and a half month journey across North America in a 1971 Winnebago – his final destination, San Francisco, California. Although being a fiction writer has always been part of his life, Grant began a mission to work and set himself up to eventually focus entirely on his fiction writing.

Then, in 2004, Grant’s desire to see at least one of his many works in print, pushed him forward and his first fiction novel, The Reunion, was published. The Reunion, a mystery about a man’s dangerous journey to expose the truth about his hometown murders and how those secrets and deceptions threaten his life at every turn, was an instant hit.

It was during that year, Grant decided to take a sabbatical on the East Coast and do something he had not done since childhood, spend the summer on the beach, but this time in Provincetown, Massachusetts. While on sabbatical, Grant wrote his next novel, Black Flash, which was released in July 2005.

Both novels have solidified him as a fiction writer with an ability to capture the essence of small towns across America, while also developing characters that are both genuine and believable.

Grant currently resides in San Francisco, CA and is hard at work on his third novel, Fever.